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Destination Savannah Proposals I wanted to share a few images from this past year of destination Savannah proposals. It has been a busy year for capturing romantic proposals in Savannah! I absolutely love being a part of surprise proposals and am honored when I am contacted in advance to schedule a surprise proposal session. A romantic carriage ride ending in Forsyth Park or in one of our beautiful squares is always a great choice! Check out Madison Tour Company to book your carriage! Are you planning a surprise proposal aor looking for a Savannah or Tybee wedding or elopement photographer? Please check out my recent Engagement Sessions or Elopements/Weddings, and if you like my style I would love to hear from you! Call 912-414-0824 or send an EMAIL to schedule a session or just chat!   John and Lauren were recently engaged in Historic Forsyth Park. They took a romantic stroll through the Savannah Squares and ended at the fountain in Forsyth Park where John asked Lauren for her hand in marriage! They were absolutely adorable and she was totally surprised. forsyth-engagement-fb-1-2   Spike took Lindsay on a historic carriage tour that ended in Columbia Square. They walked up to the fountain and he dropped to one knee and popped the question. Lindsay was completely caught off guard and her reaction was super cute! Afterwards we wandered around the area for more photos. spike-lindsay   Matt spent most of the day making sure everything was just right and that the ring was perfectly hidden on a sunflower before he proposed to Ashlynn on his family farm. It was such a pretty spot for a proposal! Definitely one of my favorites. metter-proposal   Kyle had told both families that he was going to propose to Emily on the lovely grounds of Bethesda Academy. Members from both families were actually hiding behind a building watching the entire thing. Emily was so shocked after she said " I Do" to see all of the family make themselves known. So great! bethesda-proposal-1   Alex proposed to Sarah on the dock of her parent's home in Dutch Island. She was the only one who had no idea what had been planned! She was completely shocked! Meanwhile, many of their family and friends were hidden in the house watching the whole thing. It was fantastic! dutch-island-engagement-2   Tim and April were guests at the amazing Kehoe House whose staff helped Tim plan the perfect proposal! They arranged for a carriage tour with Madison Tour Company that would take them around the city and then dropping them back at Columbia Square. Tim dropped on one knee after making a wish in the fountain and asked April to marry him. She was completely surprised! Afterwards we walked around the squares for some more photos. savannah proposal engagement   Another lovely proposal in front of the famous Forsyth Park Fountain. Arjun chose to propose the week of St. Patrick's Day, which in Savannah is quite the celebration- so much that the fountain had been dyed green making for some fun pics! I love the black and white of Tess as the realization of the proposal starts to sink in! arjun-and-tess-savannah-proposal   Charles and Cherie were engaged in January on the coldest day of the year. It was so cold that day that parts of the fountain had actually frozen into icicles! Despite the chill in the air the proposal went off without a hitch and was just beautiful. You can see some cool photos of the frozen fountain HERE. winter-proposal-1   Another sweet winter proposal was Sydney and Andrew. The path we had planned for Andrew to walk on to the fountain had been roped off for a wedding, luckily I had time to maneuver over to the other side of the fountain without being noticed at all. PHEW! It all worked out and they were absolutely adorable. You can see more of their photos HERE: forsyth-proposal-5  

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