Family Session on Tybee Island | Diane Dodd Photography

Jim & Claudette were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on Tybee Island with their sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren recently and I had the pleasure of snapping some family photos for them. They wanted new ideas for family clothing options other than the always popular khaki/white combo. I'd like to share some of the ideas that I emailed them before the shoot because I think they might help other families who have questions on what to bring/wear to a family session on the beach. I just LOVE the colors they chose! They went well together for the group photo and also looked awesome on everyone in their individual family shots! Helpful Tips: There is a great little site for ideas on color palettes *HERE*. I think any of these combos as tops with white or light pants/shorts/capris (or skirts or dresses) look awesome. Even mix in some color on bottoms, too. Maybe each family in different color schemes for the group shot instead of everybody matching. I just think the khaki/white and jeans/white is overdone, and some pretty colors can work beautifully. For the families with little ones: change of clothes- dressy and casual or a princess outfit, costumes, etc. A blanket for hot sand and those who don’t like sand as well as for infants. Toys: shovel & bucket, dump truck, special toys, etc. Also bring a small toy for a family member or the photographer to shake for the small children so they will focus in the direction of the camera, like a favorite teddy bear or stuffed animal. If you happen to have a kid size beach chair, bring it on! Beach photos CAN be colorful & fun!! 2013-06-13_0002.jpg 2013-06-13_0003.jpg 2013-06-13_0004.jpg 2013-06-13_0001.jpg 2013-06-13_0005.jpg 2013-06-13_0006.jpg 2013-06-13_0007.jpg 2013-06-13_0011.jpg 2013-06-13_0008.jpg 2013-06-13_0009.jpg 2013-06-13_0010.jpg 2013-06-13_0012.jpg 2013-06-13_0013.jpg 2013-06-13_0014.jpg

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