Congratulations to Heather and Matt who were married in beautiful Forsyth Park! They were just the sweetest couple, and what a great story of how they met in a haunted corn maze!

Officiant: Rev. Steve Schulte
Flowers: Garden on the Square

Their Story:
Heather- “I had been working non-stop and was in a strenuous school program, and I decided that it would be a good idea to motivate myself to get out of my monotonous routine. I wanted to challenge myself to do things other than focus on my career, so I set a goal of accomplishing a season of mini-goals. I called it my “Life without Limits” season. I decided to live healthier and put myself out there doing things I was not comfortable with, like dieting and exercising. I registered for what I thought would be a challenging race every weekend to keep me motivated to exercise, and occasionally one to take me out of town to travel and make it fun, including a challenging 75 floor stair climb, a warrior dash… I was ambitious… and a zombie race – but for this one instead of racing, I opted to volunteer to be a zombie. The final race I was training for was a half marathon. Mind you, I am not a runner, I dislike it, but I thought that if I could survive this “Life without Limits” season of challenges and get out of my workaholic rut, yet still maintain my goals… I could do anything. While volunteering for the zombie race, I was approached and asked to work at a haunted corn maze for Halloween season. I also do not like haunted houses or being scared. However, they continued to pursue me to help out at their attraction, and it was my season to challenge myself, so I seceded my fears and accepted a position as an actor at the haunted corn field. While there, I ran into a guy who had so many of the same interests as myself. Never once had even the thought of socializing or dating crossed my mind, until I met him. As the season of challenges I had set for myself wore on, and the school quarter became more difficult, and the nights in the cornfield became colder, the challenges were certainly more difficult to stick to. Several times I considered letting something go, particularly the haunted cornfield position since it took up all weekend and I need to get so much school work done, and training for the races, but then there was this guy… so I sat in the cold dark corn maze, shivering, not liking being scared, and scaring people, many nights for the chance to spend time with him and get to know him more. Ha, the silly things we do in the beginning! I told the Reverend who married us it was love at first scare. In the end, after we finished the corn maze and started dating, I suppose officially, I wound up completing the races I was registered for but I did not complete the half-marathon. I do think that my “Life without Limits” season of challenges was completed though. I think that I put myself out there enough to accomplish just what was needed and learned the lessons I needed about myself and life, and met the people I was supposed to meet. Then in the end I was blessed to meet Matt, which I think is where I was headed with the adventure all along.”

Matt- “In September, I was working at a haunted corn maze that I have worked for before. They had called a meeting for all the on site management staff to go over safety and procedures. Well there was only one person on the team that I didn’t know, a 5 foot, blonde hair, blue eyed girl, who I immediately felt attracted to. After a few weeks of getting to know her, I finally invited her out to another event I was working, and used the excuse that it was my birthday. So we went to the show and out later with everyone else, and had good times and conversation. So later I asked her out to dinner just the two of us. Six months later we are engaged, four months after that we got married in Savannah.”