Had such a fun time photographing Rudy & Nadine’s Forsyth wedding. I am pretty sure that Rudy was a SNL cast member in his former life! Nadine’s super cute updo was provided by Hot Headz Salon and Rev. Schulte performed the ceremony. They even shared a dance to the music of a random trombone player- love it!

From the bride:  “Rudy and I met at work a few years ago. We became “work” friends. We worked with the same group of people so occassionally there would be group lunches, group meetings. As time passed, we became “friend” friends. The people at work kept trying to put us together, but I refused “because he smokes”. However, when I had a death in the family that took me to the Northeast for 10 days, Rudy was one of 3 friends that called me during that time. When I returned, we continued to hang out “as friends” for a couple of months, until one day that it dawned on both of us that we enjoyed being together and missed each other when we weren’t together. We began officially dating and 2 1/2 years later are husband and wife. I guess our friends were right when they said we would be a great couple…..”

Congratulations to Rudy & Nadine!

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