Kenyatta and Tommie were married beside a quaint little gazebo in downtown Hinesville, GA.

“We met in a nightclub in Downtown Savannah…the ONE place I always said I’d never want to meet a guy! He was too shy to approach me but we had been locking eyes all night so I approached him (with a little liquid courage)! We exchanged numbers but he didn’t call me the next day so I called him and come to find out he was all bummed because he had lost my number after the club. He planned our first date and I showed up about 30 minutes late so I missed the sunset watch he had planned. He was a little angry, but it all worked out and the rest is HISTORY as they say.”

What’s funny is that as Kenyatta was late for their first date, Tommie was late to the wedding and got pulled for speeding! Luckily, the cop had a romantic heart and let Tommie continue to his bride without a ticket!

I really loved the idea of a post ceremony balloon release, guaranteed to bring out the inner child in everybody, young and old.

Congratulations Kenyatta & Tommie!

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