Linsley and David were married by Darrin Dodd in Lafayette Square one year ago today, so I thought it would be fun to post their story today!

David and I met on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Soon after I moved there, we became good friends and learned that we’d always been just a couple of steps apart:  he was in graduate school at the University of Arkansas teaching English Composition at the same time I was taking English Composition at the University of Arkansas–he actually taught some of my friends.  A couple of years later, he was a journalist for a newspaper in northwest Arkansas at the same time I was also working as a journalist at a competing newspaper.  We both moved to DC the first few months of 2001, and ended up working in the same office on Capitol Hill, which is where we met and our life together began.  It’s almost as if we were always meant to meet, but the world kept us just moments apart until it was exactly the right time.

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When we decided to get married in Savannah, neither of us had been there before. So, of course we planned several days of sightseeing and tourism. I started taking pictures of David at local landmarks, and he started pointing at all of them with that same sullen look as if he was bored with the idea of having to take another picture in front of another building.  After the wedding, we both thought it was so funny that it would only be fitting for him to point at me the same way as if to say, “Yep, this happened in Savannah, too and now I’m stuck with her the rest of my life.”  Turns out, we were right!


We used that picture for our Christmas card this year, and it has received more comments than anything we’ve ever done, including getting married!”         ~ Linsley

Wishing a very happy first Anniversary to Linsley & David!