On this most romantic day of the year, I want to share a few of the beautiful words written by the incredibly talented Stacy Mcdonnell (read her entire story HERE). I was reminded just how powerful love and marriage really is, and why I feel so honored every time I’m asked to photograph the love story of my clients on their wedding day.

“I live in a world now that I often feel weepingly grateful to be in. There is nothing more appealing to me than building a world with this person that I chose – and whom chose me. I believe so much in the power of marriage and what metamorphosis can happen when two people really love each other, really want the other to come alive in this short lifetime that we have, and do their best to not only help each other but themselves, too. There is so much work to be done when one commits their life to someone else; inimitable growth occurs within our souls, and our age across our faces. To have someone to hold your hand through everything, your victories and defeats, your fears and joys; to have a friend to push you to be better and remind you of the promises you made, and help you all along the way – I think there is not much more one could ask for in life.”

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*The beautiful wedding bouquet pictured above was created by the ever fabulous Kato Floral Designs.