Jamie & Kent were married at The Mackey House, one of Savannah’s many beautiful historical venues. Jamie’s gorgeous flowers were provided by Kato Floral Designs, and her amazing cakes by Delectable Designs. The groom’s cake was perfect for any hunting enthusiast and totally cracked me up! The delicious food came from Creative Catering, bar catering was by Johnnie Ganem’s and Glen Kearney did the vocals for their wedding songs.

I asked Jamie to tell me the story of how they met, and as you read below, it goes to show that sometimes stalking can work out for the best and result in a beautiful life together {grin}.

“Kent had been out of the Navy & decided that he wanted to go to GSU to study electrical engineering. He moved in with his best friend Zach (best man), & had been studying at Ga Southern for a year by the time I met him. The first time Kent saw me I was in a bikini competition at Buffalo’s in Statesboro, and he was hanging out with his rugby team for drinks after practice as they do every Thursday. I knew the rugby team well so we were all friends & they supported me in the contest, which I won 1st place lol. The 1st one I had ever won. Kent was new to rugby so I didn’t know he existed yet. The team had a party that night afterwards which I attended & Kent & Zach were there also. Kent pointed me out to Zach & told him that I was his project for the next 6 months, so he actually stalked me for the next few months & I had no clue he existed! He added me on Facebook and found out where I worked (I was bartending at the Olive Garden then) & then deleted me. Kent started coming to my job & figured out my schedule. Then one day he sat at the bar when I was working & things went on from there. Apparently he had a huge crush on me & was too shy to talk to me unless he had a beer to boost his confidence, which my being a bartender & giving him free beer because he was cute really helped him out. When I started meeting his friends & family they all already knew about me! He had talked me up for the entire 4 or 5 months he had stalked me to everyone he knew.”

Congratulations to Jamie & Kent!!