Marshall House Wedding Savannah, Ga | Nicole + Marshall

Congratulations to Marshall and Nicole on their wedding at The Marshall House in beautiful historic downtown Savannah! I had so much fun with these two as you will see in the photos below. We had an adventure to the Broughton Street Starbucks where we proved the 'free Starbucks on your wedding day" Pinterest rumor to be TRUE! We had some local icons pose with the bride and also some CLASSIC examples of tourist photobombing. savannah-wedding-photographer_0048.jpg savannah-wedding-photographer_0049.jpg savannah-wedding-photographer_0050.jpg savannah-wedding-photographer_0051.jpg savannah-wedding-photographer_0052.jpg savannah-wedding-photographer_0053.jpg savannah-wedding-photographer_0054.jpg savannah-wedding-photographer_0055.jpg savannah-wedding-photographer_0056.jpg savannah-wedding-photographer_0057.jpg savannah-wedding-photographer_0058.jpg savannah-wedding-photographer_0059.jpg savannah-wedding-photographer_0060.jpg savannah-wedding-photographer_0061.jpg savannah-wedding-photographer_0063.jpg savannah-wedding-photographer_0062.jpg savannah-wedding-photographer_0064.jpg savannah-wedding-photographer_0065.jpg savannah-wedding-photographer_0067.jpg savannah-wedding-photographer_0066.jpg Are you recently engaged and starting your search for a wedding photographer? Why don't you take a minute to check out my recent wedding photography, and if you like what you see I would love to hear from you! Click for Diane Dodd Photography's contact form.

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