Townsend Wedding {Jessy + Jordan}

Jessy + Jordan had a beautiful Townsend wedding on the water at the private home of the bride's grandmother. Jessy decided that she wanted to capture the "first look" prior to the ceremony, so we had Jordan head down the pier and wait for Jessy. I think the photos from the moment they see each other for the first time are simply magical. Everything about this couple and their wedding was absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations to Jessy + Jordan! 2014-04-03_0046.jpg 2014-04-03_0043.jpg 2014-04-03_0048.jpg 2014-04-03_0047.jpg 2014-04-03_0049.jpg 2014-04-03_0050.jpg 2014-04-03_0051.jpg 2014-04-03_0052.jpg 2014-04-03_0053.jpg 2014-04-03_0056.jpg 2014-04-03_0059.jpg 2014-04-03_0060.jpg 2014-04-03_0061.jpg 2014-04-03_0062.jpg 2014-04-03_0065.jpg 2014-04-03_0066.jpg 2014-04-03_0068.jpg 2014-04-03_0070.jpg 2014-04-03_0073.jpg 2014-04-03_0071.jpg 2014-04-03_0074.jpg 2014-04-03_0075.jpg 2014-04-03_0076.jpg 2014-04-03_0078.jpg 2014-04-03_0082.jpg 2014-04-03_0083.jpg 2014-04-03_0085.jpg 2014-04-03_0087.jpg 2014-04-03_0088.jpg 2014-04-03_0089.jpg 2014-04-03_0090.jpg Are you planning a surprise wedding proposal or are you recently engaged and searching for a wedding photographer for your Savannah destination wedding? If yes, please review some of my recent wedding work and if you like my style, I would love to chat with you! You can reach me via email rightHERE, or by phone at 912-414-0824.

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