Tybee Island Elopement {Rachel & Michael} Savannah, GA

What a beautiful summer evening for a Tybee Island Elopement!
Rachel writes, " We met in 10th grade through our best friends. He was dating mine and I was dating his. A while after that ended we started talking and hanging out every now and then; which didn't last very long being high school and all. In 2009 we ran into each other when he came back from college. We started texting and talking a little here and there. I was in a back and forth relationship so it took us a little while, but on July 4th 2010 we had our first real date and the rest is history from there. He proposed in Hilton Head South Carolina in December of last year and we were planning a wedding for November, but said the heck with it and ran off kind of alone; my parents surprised us because they couldn't miss it. He always says he knew in 10th grade there was something different about me and I can't say I think any differently because when I would see his truck around town from 10th grade on my heart would pound out of my chest. We've had tough times like everyone else; He lived in North Carolina for a period and I joined the Army National Guard. I was gone for 6 months for basic and training, but we've made it through stronger than ever. I couldn't imagine my life without him and to ask him he says the same 🙂 We're so excited to start our lives and live every day like our first date."
Congratulations to Rachel & Michael who were married by Rev. Steve Schulte on Tybee's North Beach!! beach wedding beach wedding beach wedding beach wedding beach wedding beach wedding

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