Wormsloe Plantation Engagement Session | Diane Dodd Photography

Wormsloe Plantation is one of Savannah's most beautiful spots and I thoroughly enjoyed my Engagement Session with Laura and Drew.
Laura and Drew met in college at the University of Virginia. Drew had spotted Laura in class and told his roommate that one day, he and Laura would be together. Drew learned that they actually had friends in common. After being introduced, they discovered that they had a lot in common. Drew, who was in Army ROTC, was happy to find out that Laura, an Army brat herself, could keep up with the Army lingo.
After graduation, Laura moved to New York City and Drew went around the world with the Army.
Seven years and 4 deployments later, they got engaged in Charleston, SC on July 4.
A fitting day for this military couple!
Congratulations to Laura & Drew on their engagement!
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