Henry Meets Grandpa Carl-

Sometimes,when your job is to capture the special moments of your clients, you lose track of the thousands of your own moments that exist in a colossal unorganized mess on 2 external hard drives.

My goal this year has been to finally make an album of Henry’s first 5 years……an album that i can flip through whenever I want……a tangible book of memories. Before they are lost forever in a crashing cyber cloud.

This of course means going through my approximately 35,796 total images of him dating from 2009 to 2014 and narrowing it down to a few hundred of my favorites. Piece of cake right?

UGH. It is SO HARD. So whenever I have a few spare minutes I am attempting to gather, edit, and organize said photos. Right now I am working on 2010- and I just found these images from the first time my dad held Henry. (I’m pretty sure he had the same face when he held me for the first time too).

They. Are. Hilarious.

So I had to share.





So great.

Photographs really do freeze time, and for that I am so thankful.

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