Mackey House Wedding | Savannah, GA | {Jamie & Kent}

Jamie & Kent were married at The Mackey House, one of Savannah’s many beautiful historical venues. Jamie’s gorgeous flowers were provided by Kato Floral Designs, and her amazing cakes by Delectable Designs. The groom’s cake was perfect for any hunting enthusiast and totally cracked me up! The delicious food came from Creative Catering, bar catering was by Johnnie Ganem’s and Glen Kearney did the vocals for their wedding songs.

I asked Jamie to tell me the story of how they met, and as you read below, it goes to show that sometimes stalking can work out for the best and result in a beautiful life together {grin}.

“Kent had been out of the Navy & decided that he wanted to go to GSU to study electrical engineering. He moved in with his best friend Zach (best man), & had been studying at Ga Southern for a year by the time I met him. The first time Kent saw me I was in a bikini competition at Buffalo’s in Statesboro, and he was hanging out with his rugby team for drinks after practice as they do every Thursday. I knew the rugby team well so we were all friends & they supported me in the contest, which I won 1st place lol. The 1st one I had ever won. Kent was new to rugby so I didn’t know he existed yet. The team had a party that night afterwards which I attended & Kent & Zach were there also. Kent pointed me out to Zach & told him that I was his project for the next 6 months, so he actually stalked me for the next few months & I had no clue he existed! He added me on Facebook and found out where I worked (I was bartending at the Olive Garden then) & then deleted me. Kent started coming to my job & figured out my schedule. Then one day he sat at the bar when I was working & things went on from there. Apparently he had a huge crush on me & was too shy to talk to me unless he had a beer to boost his confidence, which my being a bartender & giving him free beer because he was cute really helped him out. When I started meeting his friends & family they all already knew about me! He had talked me up for the entire 4 or 5 months he had stalked me to everyone he knew.”

Congratulations to Jamie & Kent!!



Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort Wedding {Christyn & Jason}

I’ll take blue skies, a waterfront view from a lovely Gazebo and a stunning couple any day! What an absolutely perfect day for a Spring wedding at the amazing Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa. Congratulations to Christyn & Jason!!!

Venue- The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa
Officiant- Rev. Steve Schulte
Flowers- Kato Floral Designs

westin wedding

westin wedding

westin wedding

westin wedding

westin wedding

westin wedding

westin wedding

westin wedding

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westin wedding

westin wedding

westin wedding

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westin wedding

Forsyth Park Wedding {Donnie & Maria} Savannah, GA

Sometimes you just never know who you might bump into while getting hitched in Savannah! As we were walking around taking some fun shots after the ceremony, who do we see but Forrest Gump himself! Which was AWESOME. And he was so sweet to pose with us too. I love Savannah weddings!

Here is the story of how Donnie & Maria met, “Donnie and I met 8 months ago through my cousin. She had invited each of us as well as others to meet on a Friday after work at Monty’s in Miami (It’s a marina/restaurant/bar). Both Donnie and I originally declined – however, at the end of the day I called her and told her I’d be there. Donnie showed up a few hours after we’d all arrived. We all spent several hours eating, talking and just laughing. The next day the group took a drive down to Islamorada for lunch and afterwards Donnie and I went to watch a movie and dinner. We hit it off instantly and have been together since. He proposed on Valentines Day and on May 6th we got married.”

Donnie & Maria were married by Rev. Schulte on a beautiful spring day in Forsyth Park. I just loved the colors in the bouquet and boutonniere that came from Lester’s Florist.

Congratulations to Donnie & Maria! I will never forget our brush with Hollywood lol.

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Andaz Wedding {Amanda & Joe} Savannah, GA

Congratulations to Amanda & Joe!!!!!!!!

Here’s their story: “We met over 3 years ago in a little cafe in Leesburg, Georgia where I was living at the time. Joe was traveling back and forth between Savannah and Alabama with his job. We talked for hours and exchanged numbers at the end when we left. After talking for about a month he asked me out and I agreed. When it came time to go out I had to cancel because my Nanny got sick and was hospitalized. Joe continued to call and text but I ignored him! About a year later Joe PM’d me on Facebook. This time after talking for a couple months he “told” me we were going out so on July 15, 2011 we did. As they say the rest was history! We spent the next year and a half driving the 4 hours between Leesburg and Savannah every other weekend. Joe proposed on October 6, 2012 in Charleston, SC. We decided that we wanted a small, fun wedding and chose Savannah because both of our families love the area. We absolutely love the historic parts of Savannah and often spend weekends in the downtown area just walking around taking in the scenery. It gave our families and friends an opportunity to enjoy the area a little more as well.”

Flowers | A to Zinnias
Ceremony | Andaz Savannah
Reception | Churchill’s
Cake | Tier Luxury Cakes
Make-up | Beyond Beautiful by Heather



Whitefield Square Wedding {Ann & Jac} Savannah, GA

Ann & Jac were married in the charming little gazebo on Whitefield Square by Rev. Steve Schulte. 

They were High School friends who hit it off at their 25th reunion- how great is that?!

Ann writes: “Jac and I graduated high school together in 1986. We were friends for a few years after high school, but drifted apart. We saw each other at our 20th reunion in 2006 and even sat at the same table. We laughed and talked and danced, but didn’t see each other again until our 25th reunion. There, we exchanged phone numbers, began texting back and forth, met for trivia a few times, began dating, and the rest is history. He proposed to me in January of this year and we couldn’t get married soon enough! He has 2 boys, and I am absolutely thrilled to be a step mom!! Ta da!!!”

I loved the pink! Congratulations to Ann & Jac!





Forsyth Park Wedding {Matt & Missy} Savannah, GA

Matt & Missy met in high school and have been together ever since; they traveled here from Ohio and were married by Rev. Schulte in beautiful Forsyth Park. “We chose Savannah because Matt’s sister had told us it was one of the top places in the US to get married, and it was beautiful and different from going to get married on a beach- which was what I wanted to do until I saw downtown Savannah. It is gorgeous here!”

I just loved Missy’s gorgeous dress and unique bouquet that matched Matt’s boutonniere, which were both made by Missy’s sister- awesome jobl!

Congratulations to Matt & Missy and thank you so much for changing your ceremony time so I would not miss Henry’s very first soccer game; that meant the world to me!


Congrats again you two, and I thought you might like to see a few shots from the game 🙂 xoxo

firstsoccergame001 (2)

Eliza Thompson House Wedding {Nancy & Joe} Savannah, GA

Nancy and Joe traveled from North Carolina and were married at the Eliza Thompson House in downtown Savannah by Rev. Schulte. Nancy and Joe are big Kayak enthusiasts and actually met through a Kayaking club; since they had their Kayak with them we decided to do some fun shots that included their bright yellow Hobie. I loved how her flowers (from Garden on the Square) were color coordinated with her beautiful shawl. Congratulations to Joe and Nancy!

nancyjoe001 nancyjoe002 nancyjoe003

Forsyth Park Wedding { Nadine & Rudy} Savannah, GA

Had such a fun time photographing Rudy & Nadine’s Forsyth wedding. I am pretty sure that Rudy was a SNL cast member in his former life! Nadine’s super cute updo was provided by Hot Headz Salon and Rev. Schulte performed the ceremony. They even shared a dance to the music of a random trombone player- love it!

From the bride:  “Rudy and I met at work a few years ago. We became “work” friends. We worked with the same group of people so occassionally there would be group lunches, group meetings. As time passed, we became “friend” friends. The people at work kept trying to put us together, but I refused “because he smokes”. However, when I had a death in the family that took me to the Northeast for 10 days, Rudy was one of 3 friends that called me during that time. When I returned, we continued to hang out “as friends” for a couple of months, until one day that it dawned on both of us that we enjoyed being together and missed each other when we weren’t together. We began officially dating and 2 1/2 years later are husband and wife. I guess our friends were right when they said we would be a great couple…..”

Congratulations to Rudy & Nadine!

nr001 nr002 nr003 nr004

Vic’s on the River Vow Renewals {Jerri & Mike} Savannah, Ga

I had such a fun time photographing Jerri & Mike’s vow renewals a few days ago!

From the bride: “Mike and I decided to renew our vows on our 15th anniversary. We went to a Justice of the Peace the first time. No special dress, veil, flowers, or photographer. Just us and Mike’s (our) two boys.

This time … we celebrated our ups and our downs and our choice to commit again.

Mike got a new suit and tie. I wore a dress I bought years earlier and hoped one day to wear for just this occasion. I had the headband already. But what made it absolutely perfect was my long time mentor and friend (jr. high cheering coach who also made my high school prom dress and first [age 19] wedding dress and veil) sewed the birdcage veil to the headband for me!! It pulled everything together, and I felt like a bride! Thanks Mrs. Parlett – Fran. :).

Black, white, and red is my favorite color combination so I went for it and could not be happier!

Thank you Savannah!!! Gigi’s Cupcakes, Rev. Steve Schulte, Kato Floral Designs, Vic’s on the River, and of course Diane Dodd!!! Was a dream come true!” ~ Jerri

Congratulations to Jerri & Mike on 15 wonderful years together!









Lafayette Square Wedding {Linsley & David} Savannah, GA

Linsley and David were married by Darrin Dodd in Lafayette Square one year ago today, so I thought it would be fun to post their story today!

David and I met on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Soon after I moved there, we became good friends and learned that we’d always been just a couple of steps apart:  he was in graduate school at the University of Arkansas teaching English Composition at the same time I was taking English Composition at the University of Arkansas–he actually taught some of my friends.  A couple of years later, he was a journalist for a newspaper in northwest Arkansas at the same time I was also working as a journalist at a competing newspaper.  We both moved to DC the first few months of 2001, and ended up working in the same office on Capitol Hill, which is where we met and our life together began.  It’s almost as if we were always meant to meet, but the world kept us just moments apart until it was exactly the right time.

linsley1 linsley2 linsley3 linsley4

When we decided to get married in Savannah, neither of us had been there before. So, of course we planned several days of sightseeing and tourism. I started taking pictures of David at local landmarks, and he started pointing at all of them with that same sullen look as if he was bored with the idea of having to take another picture in front of another building.  After the wedding, we both thought it was so funny that it would only be fitting for him to point at me the same way as if to say, “Yep, this happened in Savannah, too and now I’m stuck with her the rest of my life.”  Turns out, we were right!


We used that picture for our Christmas card this year, and it has received more comments than anything we’ve ever done, including getting married!”         ~ Linsley

Wishing a very happy first Anniversary to Linsley & David!